About Us

Gold & Aron Conseil was founded in the United States by Conrad Goldstein with roots that branch out of the team’s extensive experience and B-Aron Conseil executive search success in Europe and South America.

Before founding Gold & Aron Conseil in 2020, Conrad Goldstein spent 15+ years in finance, strategy and business roles at firms specializing in M&A, Private Equity, Asset Management and Technology. Bernardo Aronowicz, after 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, founded B-Aron Conseil in 2001 in Geneva and served 50+ small and large clients, including banks, hedge funds and family offices. In 2005, he expanded operations to Chile. In 2020, via a new brand, Gold & Aron Conseil, Bernardo (Senior Advisor), Conrad (Founder & CEO) brought their time-tested, successful business principles and values to the United States market, while still keeping the niche company to deliver high-quality work and focusing in the Financial Services industry & Technology Industries.

Conrad Goldstein

Bernardo Aronowicz

Our Vision

Help companies realize their full potential by connecting them with the right talent.

Our Values


This means for us that we should always listen, ask questions and be always humble about topics we do not know well or even about those we have strong conviction on.


We believe that striving to do the right thing every time is core to everything we do in life, and this could not be different in our work environment.


Delivering very high quality work is our main drive, this maximizes the impact we have on society and our customers and candidates trust on us.


We feel having a persistence curiosity may lead to new ways of thinking, of doing business and can open new doors for us as individuals and as a company.


We seek simple and efficient execution in everthing we do, from sending an email to the most complex steps of our business.


We really enjoy what we do and think this is central to our team culture and a key factor to sustainable growth and work excellency.